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Title: Perspectives of growth of economic security by clustering of small innovation enterprises
Authors: Litvinova, Tatiana N.
Bakitko, Elena
Popova, Larisa V.
Ioda, Elena V.
Suleimanova, Leila
Chirkina, Maria
Keywords: Technological innovations
Small business -- Management
Industrial clusters
Economic security
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Litvinova, T., Bakitko, E., Popova, L., Ioda, E., Suleimanova, L., & Chirkina, M. (2015). Perspectives of growth of economic security by clustering of small innovation enterprises. European Research Studies Journal, 18(3), 167-176.
Abstract: The authors analyze the notion, sense, criteria, and indicators of evaluation of economic security and perform the evaluation of economic security of modern economic systems with the help of the offered methodology, which leads to the conclusion that one of the most successful countries are characterized by low level of economic security; therefore, there is a necessity for the search for perspectives of the increase of economic security. As a tool for increasing economic security, clustering is offered. The authors performed the structural analysis of formation of modern clusters and allowed allocating the problems of clustering which can be solved by clustering of small innovational enterprises. It is necessary that small innovational enterprises participate in the development of the program; their joint projects should at least concern, or, even better, solve their common problems (which will increase the competitiveness of cluster, as small innovational enterprises are connected by chains of value added with the same large companies); small innovational enterprises should participate – within the limits of their competencies – in the formation of the program of cluster development; there should be no artificial disunion between clusters of large enterprises and clusters of small innovational enterprises (which requires creation of common list of clusters). As a result of the research, the authors come to the conclusion that cluster is a form of increasing competitiveness within one country and in the global market, which stipulates the growth of national economic security. The highest efficiency of cluster is achieved by clustering small innovational enterprises, which stipulates the optimal level of competition in a cluster and leads to creation of innovations – which is a moving force of development of modern economy and the basis for economic security.
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