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Title: Strategy of systemic development of entrepreneurial infrastructure of regional economy
Authors: Sibirskaya, Elena
Yarnykh, Elvira
Eldyaeva, Nina
Dubrova, Tatyana
Oveshnikova, Ludmilla
Keywords: Regional economics
Sustainable development
Infrastructure (Economics)
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Sibirskaya, E., Yarnykh, E., Eldyaeva, N., Dubrova, T., & Oveshnikova, L. (2015). Strategy of systemic development of entrepreneurial infrastructure of regional economy. European Research Studies Journal, 18(3), 239-262.
Abstract: Implementation of flexibility, sustainability, and dynamics of modern economy is largely determined by the state of its infrastructure. According to this, the level of complexity and completeness of development of infrastructural complex influences the sense and characteristics of territorial and sectorial organization of public production, as well as quality and living standards of regions’ population. Formation of clear priorities of the development will allow determining the coordinated strategic directions, reaching the balance of the planned actions which requires significant resource and organizational expenses (Strategic planning, 2015), providing increase of the quality of infrastructure of regional economy, its transformation into a complex, multilevel system, in view of implementation of innovations which model transformations that are dictated by new economic situation and by new requirements of consumers and economic subjects to infrastructural services.
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