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Title: Why do young Maltese people choose to be active
Authors: Scicluna, Oliver
Keywords: Young adults -- Malta
Hip-hop -- Malta
Subculture -- Malta
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This study was carried out as to seek why do Maltese young people particularly choose to be active in Hip Hop. Other particular aims was to see what motivates young people to integrate into Hip Hop and stay there. The study also delved into establishing what Hip Hop means to young people. This study uses six interviews with open ended questions as to seek answers to the main question of this study mentioned earlier. Interview participants come from the local Hip Hop scene and are between the age of 21 years old and 30 years old. Five of the interviewees were male and one female, who represented different Hip Hop elements (Breakdancers, Rappers, Graffiti Artists and DJ’s). Interviews were transcript and analysed through a thematical approach. Through this approach the following themes were analysed; how and why youth engage into Hip Hop, if Hip Hop is a culture or a sub-culture, if Hip Hop is a universal language, are role models and people who inspired the interviewees important for the engagement of young people in Hip Hop and whether Hip Hop is gender balanced in Malta. Through the analysis of the interviews and emerging themes, it was shown that young people are usually motivated to engage into Hip Hop, through media, music and their peers. They are usually motivated to stay engaged in Hip Hop because of several reasons. Role models or people who inspired the interviewees also seem to have played an important key, for youth to engage in Hip Hop. The opportunity to socialize with others and the fact that it helped most of them loosen their frustration and the fact that the element they practiced gave them energy is an indication of the fact that these participants remained in Hip Hop. Through the interviews and considering the misinterpretation amongst the participants of what they understood of sub-culture and culture, it was indicated that Hip Hop is a sub-culture. Through the mention of interviewees of Hip Hop being a language, it was understood that Hip Hop is a music sub-culture and art form, therefor it can be perceived as a language. Females seems to be less representative in Malta, through the feedback given by the interviewees. The study recommends to the Department for youth studies within the University of Malta that more material related to sub cultures, particularly in Hip Hop is introduced in courses catering for prospective youth workers. It was also suggested that sub-cultures should be kept in mind when drafting youth policies. It is hoped that this study will promote the benefits of Hip Hop towards the Maltese society and instigate more research in the area.
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