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Title: Specificity of theoretical approaches to the definition of professional subjectivity
Authors: Sejtkanova, Anna
Maslennikova, Nadezhda
Gryaznukhin, Alexander
Leontev, Mikhail G.
Mamadaliev, Rasul
Keywords: Professional employees
Career development
Social history
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Gryaznukhin, A., Leontev, M., Mamadaliev, R., Maslennikova, N., & Sejtkanova, A. (2018). Specificity of theoretical approaches to the definition of professional subjectivity. European Research Studies Journal, 21(1), 374-382.
Abstract: The authors show that the study of social professional subjectivity of the individual indicates that one of the most important effects is that the person as an object of social action in one form or another becomes the subject of these actions because of their own professional activity. In the article it is shown that social determination of individual-mental development of professional subjectivity of the personality and its activity are inherent. The transformation of the person from the object to the subject is carried out only based on activities in which certain social functions of the specialist are realized. The given facts confirm the principle of interconnection of consciousness and activity developed in the national philosophy, the unity of which is formed in certain social conditions. Implementation of this principle to the study of professional subjectivity of the individual means that the main components and personal qualities should be studied in close connection with its activities.
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