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Title: Systemic financial crises : a cluster analysis
Authors: Dardac, Nicolae
Giba, Adriana
Keywords: Crisis management
Cluster analysis
Financial crises -- Political aspects
Financial crises -- Government policy
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Dardac, N., & Giba, A. (2011). Systemic financial crises : a cluster analysis. European Research Studies Journal, 14(2), 53-64.
Abstract: This study examines the similarities between the current crisis and other systemic crises from the past. The purpose of our research is to discover whether previously used crisis management policies can constitute a referential in choosing the most effective policies for the management of the current crisis. This study highlights important similarities between the current crisis and those that occurred in the past in Norway (1991) and Japan (1997), using a cluster analysis in order to obtain homogeneous groups of crises.. Also, through a qualitative analysis of crisis management policies, the study stresses the need to learn from past lessons.
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