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Title: Finance, investment and macroeconomic performance
Authors: Argitis, Georgios
Keywords: Income distribution
Keynesian economics
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Argitis, G. (2008). Finance, investment and macroeconomic performance. European Research Studies Journal, 11(1-2), 71-87.
Abstract: Finance, power and distribution are issues that are largely absent in conventional macroeconomics. This paper outlines the implicit economic process embedded in the neo-classical and new-Keynesian constructions of macroeconomics regarding the finance-investment relation. It then develops a general post-Keynesian framework and argues that finance, power and income distribution are significant determinants of investment and macroeconomic activity.
ISSN: 11082976
Appears in Collections:European Research Studies Journal, Volume 11, Issue 1-2

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