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Title: Gender differences in impulse buying behaviour
Authors: Bezzina, Jeanessa
Keywords: Sex differences
Consumer behavior
Impulse buying
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The aim of this research is to identify any differences in men and women in the affective and cognitive processes associated with impulse buying behaviour and to reveal any gender differences connected to impulsive purchases made from 15 different product categories. A sample of students and workers (N=151) was interviewed. Males and females were significantly dissimilar in relation to the affective processes (positive buying emotion, and mood management) and cognitive components (cognitive deliberation, and unplanned buying) of impulse buying. Females browse to discover new products since they love shopping while men are guided with a particular purpose in mind. This depicts that women are thrilled while shopping and tend to purchase more impetuously than men. Variations were observed between males and females in the products purchased impulsively. These consisted of shirts/sweaters, pants/skirts, suits/business wear, coats, underwear/lingerie, accessories, shoes, electronics, hardware, computer software, music CD's or DVD's, sports memorabilia, entertainment, health and beauty, magazines, and books for pleasure reading. Eight of the thirteen product categories are bought impulsively by women, which entail that females prevalently purchase spontaneously. Products chosen imply that females seek products which are ii aesthetically adorned, such as clothes, while males prefer items which are functional and personal varying from entertaining items as music CD's to durable goods such as electronics. Additionally, magazines and books are much favoured by women since marketers consciously present content that concern females. However, two of the product categories: suits or business wear and entertainment are commonly purchased impulsively by both genders. Since emotions tend to be predominant while purchasing, marketers can induce the customer by a variety of methods such as music, internet shopping and extended opening hours. Furthermore a well categorised appealing store may provide more chances of browsing and thus more sales.
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