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Title: Technological characteristics in manufacturing of cast coins
Authors: Sitdikov, Ayrat
Khramchenkova, Rezida Kh.
Shaykhutdinova, Eugenia
Keywords: Samanid dynasty, 9th-10th centuries
Asia, Central -- History
Coins, Bulgarian
Coins, Turkish
Coins, Turkish -- History
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Sitdikov, A., Khramchenkova, R., & Shaykhutdinova, E. (2017). Technological characteristics in manufacturing of cast coins. European Research Studies Journal, 20(Special issue), 170-176.
Abstract: For many years the investigation of silver numismatic material only involved the classification of coins by their historical and cultural origins. The investigation of the chemical composition and manufacturing technology of coin material has long been associated with several difficulties. This article is dedicated to the determination of the characteristic features of the manufacturing of cast coins of the Samanid dynasty discovered within the territory of Volga Bolgaria. The studies were conducted with the use of scanning electron microscopy and allowed to investigate the laminar chemical composition and structure of the transverse fractures of the coin material. As a result, a non-typical structural lamination was discovered, allowing to distinguish 3 coins out of the total number of samples with a laminar structure. Materials of the article can be used by experts in the field of material science during the investigation of metal archaeological findings.
ISSN: 11082976
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