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Title: Genetic factors affecting immunological responses in aging individuals
Authors: Cuschieri, Alfred
Keywords: Aging -- Immunological aspects
Aging -- Genetic aspects
Lymphocytes -- Aging
DNA damage
Mutation (Biology)
Issue Date: 1991-03
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of Pharmacy
Citation: Cuschieri, A.(1991). Genetic factors affecting immunological responses in aging individuals. Proceedings of the First Symposium on Drugs in the Elderly in Malta held in March 1991, Malta. 55-64.
Abstract: It is now widely accepted that the immunological status of elderly individuals is altered as compared to that of younger individuals. Immunological phenomena have wide-ranging implications including the susceptibility and responses of elderly individuals to infections, the responses to immunoprophylaxis, the occurrence of auto-immune phenomena and the increased frequency of malignant conditions. Some believe that old age is the commonest cause of immunodeficiency and others have gone so far as to propose that alterations in immunological mechanisms are the underlying causes of aging. Many have chosen to study age-related immunological changes in their own right without addressing the question of whether they are the causes or the consequences of aging.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the First Symposium on Drugs in the Elderly in Malta held in March 1991

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