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"Culturally and educationally all [the Mediterranean states] are heirs to rich and prestigious 'humanist' and intellectual traditions-Greek, Roman, Arabic, and Hebraic. Some of them have chosen to enter-while others have been drawn intothe vortex of the contemporary world of late modernity, and even postmodernity, with all that these worlds denote and connote .... Globalized economies and cultures, for one, make certain demands on nation-states and national systems of education .... How are the Mediterranean nation-states and societies grappling with these challenges and demands? Given the Mediterranean knowledge and cultural traditions ... how do the several states, for example, react to the 'dehumanization' of knowledge ... that is apparent in this epoch of late modernity? What sacrifices and/or compromises are they forced to make? Students of comparative education, in particular, should find the texts that are included in this collection quite enlightening on these and other related Mediterranean dilemmas and problematics." From the Foreword by Andreas M. Kazamias, Professor,

Challenge and change in the Euro-Mediterranean region : case studies in educational innovation

Edited by: Ronald G. Sultana

George Pasias

George Flouris

Marco Todeschini

Deborah Chetcuti

Gertrudes Amaro

Xavier Bonal

Mohamed Miliani

Nagwa YoussefGamal El-Din

Suleiman Khoja

Frank Ventura

Zakia Belhachmi

Gisela Baumgratz

Helen Phtiaka

Devorah Kalekin-Fishman

Muhammad Raji Zughoul

Nemer Frayha

Maher Hashweh

Ismail Njoum

Hasan Simsek

Ali Yildirim

Bardhyl Musai

Mirjam M. Hladnik

Published by Peter Land Publishing Inc.

Published in 2001

Copyright © Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. 2001

ISBN: 0-8204-5248-3

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Syria's global education initiativeSultana, Ronald G.
2001A case-based approach to education in PalestineHashweh, Maher; Njoum, Ismail
2001Curricular innovation in Lebanon : an uneasy experienceFrayha, Nemer
2001Educational innovation and the panacea of school reform – the Slovenian caseHladnik, Mirjam M.
2001Reforming teacher education in Albania : innovations in partnership and mentoringMusai, Bardhyl
2001The reform of pre-service teacher education in TurkeySimsek, Hasan; Yildirim, Ali
2001The language of higher education in Jordan : conflict, challenges and innovative accommodationRaji Zughoul, Muhammad
2001School computerization as a national task in IsraelKalekin-Fishman, Devorah
2001Meeting the challenge : integration, inclusive education and children with special educational needs in CyprusPhtiaka, Helen
2001North-South issues in educational reform – a Tunisian case-studyBaumgratz, Gisela
2001Curriculum innovation in Libya : physics at the basic education levelKhoja, Suleiman; Ventura, Frank
2001The Moroccan university and innovations in feminist knowledge : challenges and alternativesBelhachmi, Zakia
2001Facing the high tide of immigration : a challenge for education in ItalyTodesehini, Marco
2001ForewordKazamias, Andreas
2001Innovations in Greece at the end of the 20th century : problems, challenges and prospectsPasias, George; Flouris, George
2001Curriculum innovation in Portugal–the Area-Escola InitiativeAmaro, Gertrudes
2001Educational innovation in the context of challenge and change : a Euro-Mediterranean perspectiveSultana, Ronald G.
2001Meeting the challenge of equity : the introduction of differentiated examination papers in MaltaChetcuti, Deborah A.
2001In-service teacher training at a distance : the Egyptian experienceCarnal El-Din, Nagwa Youssef
2001Pre-school education in Algeria : a new deal?Miliani, Mohamed
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21