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Title: Autoethnography : capturing the self through minimal still life shots
Authors: Azzopardi, Julia
Keywords: Self-actualization (Psychology)
Still-life photography
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Azzopardi, J. (2018). Autoethnography: capturing the self through minimal still life shots (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: This study examines what constitutes the self and identity. It pursues for a connection between art and the self, while examining and understanding the role of art in self-actualization and self-realization, both as an individual being and as an artist. This dissertation explores this subject by means of an autoethnography. Recognition is given to key theories that define and analyse how the self and identity are constructed and how autoethnography Is a valued methodology when merged with art. This research methodology subjects using oneself both as the researcher and the subject of study. This self-fiocused and self-reflective approach places the self within a social context. Supporting the belief by John Locke that the self is essentially a set of memories and experiences, the natural process for the project is a means of recollection. A number of recollections are reconstructed into a playful and absurd visual representation using combined objects. The project concludes with a set of photographs in a chosen composition against a colourful and minimal visual. This study provides a visual representation of the self-concept, displaying the distinctive characteristics and experiences in the researcher’s lifetime. Aiming towards a fragment of self-actualisation, this study presents a complete reflection on the self and uniqueness, ultimately creating an absolute identity and visualizes completely individuality onto artistic mediums.
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