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Title: Decisional impulsivity in obesity
Authors: Falzon Aquilina, Francesca
Grech, Anton
Strelchuk, Daniela
Donamayor, Nuria
Agius, Mark
Voon, Valerie
Keywords: Obesity -- Psychological aspects
Compulsive eating
Compulsive eaters
Issue Date: 2018-10
Publisher: University of Malta. Medical School
Citation: Falzon Aquilina, F., Grech, A., Strelchuk, D., Donamayor, N., Agius, M., & Voon, V. (2018). Decisional impulsivity in obesity. Malta Medical School Gazette, 2(3), 39-45.
Abstract: Introduction: Elevations in impulsivity have been clearly shown in various psychiatric conditions, especially in those of addiction. Evidence does suggest some overlap between the pathological use of food and drugs but no clear evidence to date has been made available with regards to obesity. In this study we hypothesize that obese subjects would have relatively more impulsive profiles when compared to healthy volunteers. Method: Delayed discounting is also studied by means of the Monetary Choice Questionnaire, also hypothesizing impairments in this subtype of impulsivity. Results: Obese subjects sought less evidence prior to making a decision when compared to healthy controls. Greater delayed discounting was also evident in this cohort of subjects as compared to healthy ones. Premature responding was not shown to occur in the obese subjects. Conclusion: Obesity is therefore characterized by impaired reflection impulsivity and greater delayed discounting. Both suggest a deficit in deciding on the basis of future outcomes that are more difficult to represent. This evidence could suggest possible therapeutic domains which need targeted interventions on the aspects of decision making deficits.
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