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Title: Diagnosis of misconceptions about force and motion held by first-year post-secondary students
Authors: Azzopardi, Carmel
Keywords: Physics -- Study and teaching -- Malta
Physics -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- Malta
Sixth Form students -- Rating of -- Malta
Physics -- Ability testing -- Malta
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Malta. Junior College
Citation: Azzopardi, C. (2018). Diagnosis of misconceptions about force and motion held by first-year post-secondary students. Junior College multi-disciplinary conference : research, practice and collaboration : Breaking Barriers : annual conference, Malta. 57-66.
Abstract: The present study aims to detect misconceptions in force and motion among Maltese post-secondary students aged 16-17. The revised version of the Force Concept Inventory (FCI) originally designed by Hestenes, D., Wells, M., & Swackhamer, G. (1992) was used. A total of 395 students participated in the study by answering the FCI test at the beginning of their first-year and again at the end of the said year. Data were analysed by using a method used by Martín-Blas, T., Seidel L. & Serrano-Fernández A. (2010). In this study all of the known misconceptions given in the original paper by Hestenes, but modified by Bani-Salameh 2017, were examined. The dominant misconceptions from the students’ wrong answers for each of the 30 questions in the FCI were determined. A comparison of the dominant misconceptions held by the cohort studied in the pre- and post-test showed that a number of misconceptions persisted. This study reveals that the impetus, active force and action/reaction pairs misconceptions were the most problematic for the students. Only the pre- and post-test results for all students are reported in this study, leaving gender differences for future work.
Description: Also published in Symposium Melitensia Vol. 15 (2019) p. 29-39
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SymMel, 2019, Volume 15
SymMel, 2019, Volume 15

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