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Title: School as experienced by early school leavers
Authors: Camilleri, Marisabelle
De Giovanni, Katya
Keywords: Dropouts -- Employment
Dropouts -- Malta
Dropouts -- Education
Vocational education -- Malta
Issue Date: 2018-12
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: Camilleri, M., & De Giovanni, K. (2018). School as experienced by early school leavers. Malta Review of Educational Research, 12(2), 238-258.
Abstract: This research aims at shedding light on the experiences of Early School Leavers and their families; experiences which are very often disregarded or merely neglected when tailoring policies and strategies to combat Early School Leaving (ESL). This research seeks to qualitatively obtain information related to the causes and consequences of ESL, extrapolate data on the background of Early School Leavers and their families as well as give voice to their feelings, prospects, perspectives and experiences, whilst eliciting pertinent recommendations. The semi-structured interviews identify several shortcomings in the local educational system, including the focus on knowledge-based subjects, with little opportunities to opt for vocational subjects. In this research, the vast majority of interviewees advocate for the traditional trade schools. Furthermore, while the working-class parents interviewed feel that they lack the necessary skills and confidence to actively involve themselves in their children’s school life, they suggest an increase in communication between the school and home.
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MRER, Volume 12, Issue 2

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