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Title: Sexual dimorphism of Cory's shearwater
Authors: Ristow, Dietrich
Wink, Michael
Keywords: Shearwaters -- Breeding -- Malta
Birds -- Malta
Issue Date: 1981
Publisher: Malta Ornithological Society
Citation: Ristow, D., & Wink, M. (1981). Sexual dimorphism of Cory's shearwater. Il-Merill, 21, 9-12.
Abstract: The sexes of the Procellariidae are similar in plumage, but the male is usually larger than the female. The authors have tried to find biometical criteria to distinguish these sexes of Mediterranean race of Cory's shearwater Calonectris d. diomedea. Additionally its flight call is described and its sexual difference, which was supposed to exist, demonstrated.
Appears in Collections:Il-Merill : issue 21 : 1980
Il-Merill : issue 21 : 1980

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