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Title: Energy security in the Euro-Mediterranean region
Other Titles: Change and opportunities in the emerging Mediterranean
Authors: Weissenbacher, Manfred
Keywords: Energy security -- Mediterranean Region
Energy security -- European Union countries
Energy policy -- European Union countries
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of Malta. Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies
Citation: Weissenbacher, M. (2012). Energy security in the Euro-Mediterranean region. In S. Calleya, & M. Wohlfeld (Eds.), Change and Opportunities in the Emerging Mediterranean (pp. 452-469). Msida: Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies.
Abstract: Energy is formally defined as the ability or capacity to do work. The command of energy thus plays a fundamental role for societies, setting the outer limits of what can be accomplished by communities, nations, or any social entity. Energy security has been defined in many different ways, but essentially exists whenever the energy supply is large and reliable enough to support a community’s societal, economic and military activities. In the context of the Euro-Mediterranean region, energy security has two main aspects. First, the provision of adequate energy services in countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean rim, where higher per capita energy consumption would be expected to enhance development and political stability. Secondly, the importance of the Mediterranean Sea for energy transits towards the European Union. Ultimately, both these aspects are related, as increased stability in the Mediterranean will allow the European Union to better safeguard the energy flows through the region.
ISBN: 9789995701765
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