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Title: The Fan-tailed warbler Cisticola junicidis a new breeding species for Malta
Authors: Sultana, Joe
Gauci, Charles
Keywords: Birds -- Malta
Fan-tailed warbler
Cisticola -- Breeding -- Malta
Issue Date: 1974
Publisher: Malta Ornithological Society
Citation: Sultana, J., & Gauci, C. (1974). The Fan-tailed warbler Cisticola junicidis a new breeding species for Malta. Il-Merill, 13, 11-13.
Abstract: The Fan-tailed warbler Cisticola juncidis, only four inches in length, is one of the smallest European birds. It is brownish, being paler below. The upper parts, except for its rump which is yellowish rufous, are heavily streaked. It has a short, rounded, dark tail which, when fanned, shows black and white tips to all but the two central feathers. Both sexes look alike though the male is slightly brighter in spring. During the breeding season the male patrols the area, flying 'feebly' high above during most of the day with an undulating flight, while it utters a series of 'zip' calls which seem to be synchronized with each wave of its flight. As such it is very conspicuous and attracts attention, otherwise it is very secretive and rarely flies any distance before hopping into cover.
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Il-Merill : issue 13 : 1974

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