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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Unprecedented, selective Nef reaction of secondary nitroalkanes promoted by DBU under basic homogeneous conditionsBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Fiorini, Dennis; Petrini, Marino
2002Michael addition of nitroalkanes to dimethyl citraconate, with DBU as base : an unexpected, one-pot synthesis of polyfunctionalized carbonyl derivativesBallini, Roberto; Barboni, Luciano; Bosica, Giovanna; Fiorini, Dennis; Gil, Maria Victoria
2001A new synthesis of exo-methylene butyrolactones from nitroalkanesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Livi, Damiana
2001Amberlyst ® 15 as a mild, chemoselective and reusable heterogeneous catalyst for the conversion of carbonyl compounds to 1,3-oxathiolanesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Maggi, Raimondo; Mazzacani, Alessandro; Righi, Paolo; Sartori, Giovanni
1998Conjugated addition reactions of nitroalkanes with electrophilic alkenes in aqueous mediaBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna
1996A new two steps synthesis of α-substituted γ-methyl γ-lactones from nitroalkanesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna
2002Addition of organocerium reagents to morpholine amides : synthesis of important pheromone components of achaea janataBadioli, Michele; Ballini, Roberto; Bartolacci, Massimo; Bosica, Giovanna
2000Alumina promoted cyclization of α-nitro-oximes : a new entry to the synthesis of 1,2,5-oxadiazoles N-oxides (furoxans)Curini, Massimo; Epifano, Francesca; Marcotullio, Maria Carla; Rosati, Ornelio; Ballini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna
2004Protection (and deprotection) of functional groups in organic synthesis by heterogeneous catalysisSartori, Giovanni; Ballini, Roberto; Bigi, Franca; Bosica, Giovanna; Maggi, Raimondo; Righi, Paolo
2003Uncatalyzed conversion of linear α-nitro ketones into amides by reaction with primary amines under solventless conditionsBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Fiorini, Dennis