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Title: Cross-cultural adaptation with regards to punctual behaviour among Chinese in Malta
Authors: Li, Yuke
Keywords: Punctuality
Chinese -- Malta -- Attitudes
Malta -- Social life and customs
Intercultural communication -- Malta
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Li, Y. (2018). Cross-cultural adaptation with regards to punctual behaviour among Chinese in Malta (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: Investigating punctuality in Chinese and Maltese cultures and how Chinese individuals would adapt behaviours regarding punctuality from Malta during cross-cultural adaptation processes are the two fundamental aims of this study. Three nations’ cultural dimensions, uncertainty avoidance, power distance and individualism that taken from Hofstede are applied in analyzing punctuality in Chinese and Maltese cultures. Items from a more recent scale Culture Value Scale (CVSCALE), which examine cultural dimensions based from Hofstede at an individual level, are utilized to discover the relations between personal traits and crosscultural adaptation as well as to test the three cultural dimensions on Chinese individuals who living in Malta. Other cultural factors, personal factors and environmental factors that could affect one’s assimilation in a new cultural environment are mainly investigated by the focus group. Results from questions in the questionnaires, which are designed to assess punctuality among Chinese people living in China, Chinese people living in Malta and Maltese people living in Malta, that do not meet hypothesized expectation are also clarified by the focus group. Since punctuality is perceived differently by Maltese and Chinese people, they all behave following the “appropriate time” one society tells them. While Chinese people generally regard being punctual as not having to arrive later than appointed time, many of the Maltese people believe they are expected to be late for meeting friends.
Description: B.COMMS.(HONS)
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