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Title: Computers, law and a national register of the handicapped
Authors: Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Handikappati
Ghaqda ghall-Genituri ta' Tfal Handikappati
Department of Health. Health Education Unit
Authors: Cannataci, Joseph A.
Keywords: People with disabilities -- Services for -- Malta
People with disabilities -- Care -- Malta
People with disabilities -- Malta -- Registers
People with disabilities -- Databases -- Law and legislation
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Handikappati
Citation: Cannataci, J.A. (1989). Computers, law and a national register of the handicapped. Lejn il-futur: prinċipji u policies għall-persuni ħandikappati u l-familji tagħhom - Proceedings of a National Seminar, University of Malta (pp. 79-85). Malta: Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Handikappati.
Abstract: When I was approached and asked about the idea of formulating a national register of the Handicapped, I replied that it was a positive thing; rather, it was essential to have one. Without information we would not be able to analyse and plan effectively so as to ensure that the limited resources at our disposal are put to use in the best way possible for the benefit of the handicapped and Maltese society. However at the same time I warned that any register which would eventually be compiled - be it national or otherwise - must incorporate all the necessary measures needed for the protection of fundamental rights as enshrined in the most progressive and modern laws formulated during these last twenty years. Nowadays, when someone wishes to gather any information in a systematic way, it is normal practice for a computer to be used to store and analyse the information gathered, and I am in no doubt that if we are to start a project on a national register we will perforce be using a computer to assist us in our work. What should we do to ensure that the information collected for the national register is in fact collected, stored and used only by those authorised to do so?
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