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Title: Climate change and its impacts on elderly road users in Malta : a call for new policies?
Authors: Mifsud, Deborah
Attard, Maria
Ison, Stephen G.
Keywords: Climatic changes
Traffic congestion -- Malta
Older people -- Transportation
Air -- Pollution -- Malta
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: University of Malta
Citation: Mifsud, D., Attard, M., & Ison, S. (2015). Climate change and its impacts on elderly road users in Malta : a call for new policies? Climate Change Targets and Urban Transport Policy, Valletta.
Abstract: Malta has a high elderly population. This increased rapidly throughout the years and is projected to further accelerate in the future. In 2011, the elderly population in Malta (60+) was of 98,786, representing 24% of the entire population. The number of elderly females exceeded that of the males (Figure 1). However, the increase between 2005 and 2011 was higher for males: +31%. This is an indication that due to several health improvements, life expectancy of elderly in Malta is increasing. Indeed, the Maltese elderly population is healthier than the EU-27 average. In 2010, the healthy life year indicator showed that on average, men and women in Malta at the age of 65 are expected to live a further 12 and 11.9 years respectively in a healthy condition (PwC, 2012).
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