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Title: Psychiatric emergencies in the casualty department
Authors: Muscat, Peter
Keywords: Psychiatric emergencies
Psychiatric epidemiology
Psychiatric hospital care
Social psychiatry
Associations, institutions, etc. -- Malta
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of Psychiatry
Citation: Muscat, P. (1996). Psychiatric emergencies in the casualty department. In P. Muscat (Ed.), Psychiatric practice and related disciplines in Malta (pp. 80-85). Malta: University of Malta, Dept. of Psychiatry.
Abstract: Psychiatric emergencies are difficult to define. The medical definition of psychiatric emergencies in situations in which, on account of an abnormal mental state or behaviour, the life of a patient, or someone else, is in jeopardy. However this definition would exclude the commoner situations encountered in casualty which are characterised by severe dislocation in psychological or social functioning and often accompanied by their high nuisance value. In order to remedy this limitation the concept of "crisis" is used to include those situations when there is a reduction in coping ability to external stress.
Description: A list of voluntary organizations in Malta is included within this document.
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