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Title: Cerebral vascular accidents
Authors: Azzopardi, John
Xuereb, Charles
Keywords: Cerebrovascular disease -- Case studies
Hemiplegics -- Rehabilitation
Cerebrovascular disease -- Patients
Cerebrovascular disease -- Diagnosis
Issue Date: 1948
Publisher: British Medical Students' Association. Malta Branch
Citation: Azzopardi, J., & Xuereb, C. (1948). Cerebral vascular accidents. Chest-piece, 1(1), 26-27.
Abstract: It is important to realise from the outset cerebral thrombosis and cerebral haemorrhage are not as was previously thought almost antagonistic; that a differential diagnosis between the two conditions for the purpose of applying different forms of treatment is not absolutely essential. Cerebral thrombosis and hemorrhage are not mutually exclusive the reason being that the underlying pathological condition is the same, viz., a degenerative process in the vascular wall which gives rise indifferently to either condition. In practice it is found that in the same patient while thrombosis is the cause of the initial strokes, haemorrhage is the cause of the final and fatal one. Consequently cerebral haemorrhage is seen more often in the autopsy room whereas cerebral thrombosis is more commonly met with in the hospital wards.
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Chest-piece, volume 1, issue 1

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