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Title: 'Proximity' and its effect on community assembly in temporary freshwater pools in Malta
Authors: Sammut, Sheryl
Lanfranco, Sandro
Keywords: Aquatic plants -- Ecology -- Malta
Freshwater ecology -- Malta
Plant communities -- Ecology -- Malta
Freshwater animals -- Research -- Malta
Issue Date: 2014-09
Citation: Sammut, S., & Lanfranco, S. (2014). 'Proximity' and its effect on community assembly in temporary freshwater pools in Malta. 6th EPCN Conference, Huesca, Spain. 1-2.
Abstract: The relative contribution of ‘regional’ and ‘local’ factors in determining species richness of aquatic macrophytes, filamentous algal and microcrustacean taxocenes was investigated in 17 temporary freshwater pools from four pool landscapes in Malta. The pools were visited weekly throughout one wet season, from September 2012 to March 2013. Coverage and abundance of macrophytes (including Charophytes) and filamentous algae was assessed during each visit whilst microcrustaceans were collected, using standard sweeps with a plankton net, in September, November, December and February. Basin morphometry (surface area, depth profile, sediment depth) was characterised for each pool during the dry season whilst pH, nitrate, nitrite and phosphate content of pool water were measured during hydroperiod. The distances between pools and the connectivity between them were also determined.
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