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Title: Alcohol, its use and misuse
Authors: Galea, Joseph
Keywords: Alcohol -- Physiological effect
Alcohol -- Metabolism
Alcohol -- Social aspects
Issue Date: 1950
Publisher: British Medical Students' Association. Malta Branch
Citation: Galea, J. (1950). Alcohol, its use and misuse. Chest-piece, 1(5), 3-5.
Abstract: Drink is a habit which in recent years has assumed universal proportions. In every country in the world people are progressively indulging in alcoholic liquor and strong drink. Whereas in the age of our grandparents it was only the male species of human race that was suffered to get drunk, and strong liquors were taboo amongst nice females, in our days women have asserted their equality with men not only in domestic and social matters, but also in, the matter of inebriation and intoxication. Perhaps this state of affairs is the result of the modern conditions under which we live: the present is unsettled, the future is dark, nothing appears to be stable and solid in this modern world of ours. This whole outlook is depressing and an overwhelming sense of frustration pervades our thoughts and actions. No wonder that very many people would like to escape from their worries and are prone to bury their troubles under the fumes of forgetfulness.
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Chest-piece, volume 1, issue 5

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