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Title: Community inclusion and accessibility in Valletta 2018
Other Titles: Theme 3 community inclusion & space: evaluation & monitoring research findings 2015
Authors: Deguara, Michael
Pace Bonello, Marguerite
Magri, Rene
Keywords: Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture
Political participation -- Malta -- Valletta
Population -- Malta
Cultural industries -- Malta -- Valletta
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Valletta 2018 Foundation
Citation: Deguara, M., Pace Bonello, M., & Magri, R. (2015). Community inclusion and accessibility in Valletta 2018. Theme 3 community inclusion & space: evaluation & monitoring research findings 2015, 5-27.
Abstract: This research paper looks at the factors which may help or hinder social participation in Valletta 2018. It also investigates accessibility issues on a number of levels, and the concerns and requirements of persons with limited mobility. The local population has been subdivided into six community groups based on criteria of a sense of belonging to Valletta and patterns of residence. A group of persons with disability has also been included to assist in investigating accessibility issues. This study concludes that attention to the social context in which Valletta 2018 will be implemented is key to ensuring social engagement and the achievement of ECoC’s goals. Likewise, consultation and direct involvement of the communities involved are also vital. Other factors deemed important for the success of Valletta 2018 are: to develop a clear social strategy; to enhance visibility and communication of its goals and events; and to take steps to increase accessibility, despite inherent challenges presented by the topographical and built fabric of the territory in question. It is strongly recommended that the Valletta 2018 Foundation remains cognizant at all times of concerns about gentrification and monumentalisation to be able to ensure as much as possible that all innovations are assessed against the criterion of whether they will improve the quality of life of people in Valletta and Malta, as host city and country respectively, through culture.
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