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Title: Characterization of the major marine biotopes of the soft substrata around the Maltese Islands
Authors: Pirotta, Konrad
Schembri, Patrick J.
Keywords: Geology -- Malta
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: Pirotta, K., & Schembri, P. J. (1997) Characterization of the major marine biotopes of the soft substrata around the Maltese Islands. In: Özhan, E. (Ed.) Proceedings of the third international conference on the Mediterranean coastal environment, MEDCOAST 97, November 11-14, 1997 Qawra, Malta. Vol.1 pp. 25-37; Ankara, Turkey: MEDCOAST Secretariat, Middle East Technical University.
Abstract: As part of the attempt characterize and classify the major benthic biotopes occurring around the Maltese coastIine, this study describes the marine biotopes that occur on soft substrata. There are two main types, those of bare sand with little evident epibiota. and those that have the sea-grass Posidonia oceanica as their main biotic component, Two major biotopes are formed by Posidonia oceanica, as follows: - Posidonia oceanica meadows: which may be continuous, that is, extensive areas dominated by p, oceanica with no significant patches of sand or rock. and reticulate, in which dense stands of P. oceanica are isolated from each other by patches of sand or rock. Rocky areas between sea-grass stands are colonized by phocophilic algae. - Posidonia oceanica reef: either Isolated, that is, originating out at sea, or contiguous, that is, originating from the shore. Reefs differ from meadows in having a 'matte' (a compact mass of sediment and densely packed rhizomes) which rises above the substratum to a height of about 2.5m. The living leaf stratum on top of the reef is characterized by the same species as in Posidonia meadows, but additionally, a characteristic sciaphilic assemblage develops round the exposed edges of the matte.
Description: Extract from : Medcoast 97 : proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment, November 11-14, 1997, Qawra, Malta / [edited by] E. Ozhan. Ankara, Turkey : Middle East Technical University, c1997. ISBN 9754291101
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