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Title: Undulant fever spondylitis
Authors: Zammit, F.
Keywords: Spine -- Diseases
Issue Date: 1959
Citation: Zammit, F. (1959). Undulant fever spondylitis. The British radiology journal, 31(372), 683-690
Abstract: The general clinical picture of undulant fever is described in this article. The historical and pathological aspects of this disease are briefly reviewed. The radiological picture of Brucellar spondylitis is based on the review of 62 cases of undulant fever, which showed radiographic evidence of spine involvement. The main changes are destructive lesions in the vertebral bodies, usually marginal, with characteristic sclerotic reactions around them and proliferative marginal new bone formations resembling calcifications of ligaments or osteophytic processes. The disc space is usually narrowed. Signs of cord compression were present in eight cases. The differential diagnosis is briefly discussed. Treatment is conservative and in most cases complete cure results.
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