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Title: A concept analysis of ‘GP trainer’ : a misnomer?
Authors: Sammut, Daniel
Keywords: Physicians (General practice)
Issue Date: 2012-08
Publisher: Malta College of Family Doctors
Citation: Malta College of Family Doctors. 2012, Vol.1(1), p. 7-11
Abstract: This article analyses the concept of the GP trainer. The framework developed by Walker and Avant (2005) is used. The aims were: 1) to clarify the concept and its fundamental qualities; and 2) to question whether the term trainer is apposite to the concept it represents. A literature search was performed in three databases and a search engine for the keywords [GP OR general practitioner] AND [trainer OR educational supervisor]. An online dictionary was used to define the noun trainer and the verb train. In addition, three colleagues were interviewed about how they conceptualised the GP trainer. Only six articles were found that address the desirable characteristics of the GP trainer. However, a large list of qualities was obtained from these studies and the other methods mentioned. The characteristics of the GP trainer were grouped using phenomenological tools into the three main categories of personal, professional and teaching attributes. Each category was further subdivided into the domains of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The GP trainer incorporates the three facets of ‘wise person’, ‘accomplished GP’ and ‘gifted teacher’. It is shown that the term educational supervisor describes the complex educational role of a teacher of GPs better than trainer.
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JMCFD, Volume 1, Issue 1

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