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Title: Manual for gender sensitive vocational guidance
Authors: Borg, Anna
Keywords: Gender identity in the workplace
Work environment -- Malta
Vocational guidance -- Malta
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Employment & Training Corporation
Citation: Borg, A. (2004). Manual for gender sensitive vocational guidance. Malta: Employment & Training Corporation.
Abstract: Professionals with Career Guidance responsibilities who are truly concerned about the long-term well-being of their clients need to be knowledgeable about the effects of gender, particularly its impact on the vocational development of girls and boys. Research shows that gendered roles still largely shape the vocational development of both sexes and unless assumptions about gender roles are challenged they risk being perpetuated. For this reason ETC felt it necessary to produce this manual which will help teachers to check and move away from biases based on traditional roles which can limit choices and hamper aspirations. In order to ensure that our country offers equal opportunities to both girls and boys and taps the human talent and resources of all, we must ensure that every child is enabled to choose among opportunities on the basis of interest and ability rather than gender. In this manual we touch upon how gender impacts on our development, and how gender tends to shape our expectations of ourselves and of others throughout our life in the family, at school and at work. We also provide facts about the local labour market that may serve to provoke thought, as well as guidelines for practical use. ETC hopes that this Manual for Gender Sensitive Vocational Guidance will be a useful tool which can be consulted and used time and time again by those who believe in the potential of persons without gender impositions and limitations.
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