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Title: Behaviour, expectations and preferences of ‘digital natives’ in regard to the design of urban public spaces
Authors: Suchocka, Marzena
Maksymiuk, Gabriela
Kimic, Kinga
Kołodyńska, Natalia
Keywords: Public spaces -- Planning
Open spaces -- Social aspects
Open spaces -- Technological innovations
Public spaces -- Social aspects
Social interaction -- Technological innovations
Communication --Technological innovations
Wireless Internet -- Social aspects
Mobile communication systems -- Social aspects
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas
Citation: Suchocka, M., Maksymiuk, G ., Kimic, K., & Kołodyńska, N. (2017). Behaviour, expectations and preferences of ‘digital natives’ in regard to the design of urban public spaces. In A. Zammit, & T. Kenna (Eds.), Enhancing Places Through Technology (pp. 117-128). Lisbon: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas.
Abstract: The possibility of ICT applications in designing outdoor public spaces is essential. In order to enhance a healthy lifestyle and bring people outdoors, it is crucial to study the behaviour of ICT users and understand their expectations related to attractive public spaces. Currently in Poland, Wi-Fi technology is widespread,mainly in buildings, and outdoor hot-spots are still rather an exception. The research results let us identify 4 main groups of Wi-Fi users characterised by different activities performed in urban spaces: focused on work; focused on entertainment; transit pedestrians; or, tourists. For each user group studied, its preferences, needs and expectations in regard to successful and attractive public open spaces were identified. The research results enable further elaboration of design guidelines and principles for modern outdoor ICT - friendly public space, e.g. a cyber park.
Description: This document contains the comments made by Gabriela Maksymiuk in “Digital methods and social practices in public space – some salient themes ”.
ISBN: 9789897570551
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