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Title: Outdoor hotspots as a tool for enhancing healthy lifestyles of ICT users : design and development principles
Authors: Suchocka, Marzena
Kimic, Kinga
Maksymiuk, Gabriela
Kołodyńska, Natalia
Keywords: Landscape architecture -- Technological innovations
Public spaces -- Planning
Open spaces -- Social aspects
Open spaces -- Technological innovations
Outdoor recreation
Public spaces -- Social aspects
Social interaction -- Technological innovations
Wireless Internet -- Social aspects
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas
Citation: Suchocka, M., Kimic, K., Maksymiuk, G., & Kołodyńska, N. (2017). Outdoor hotspots as a tool for enhancing healthy lifestyles of ICT users: design and development principles. In A. Zammit, & T. Kenna (Eds.), Enhancing Places Through Technology (pp.153-165). Lisbon: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas.
Abstract: The authors of this presented study formulated research assumptions that the Internet and new technologies may interact with the landscape architecture. The presence of hot spots in public spaces can help to increase the amount of time spent outdoors, improve relationships between users and enhance their quality of life. The conducted research included a review of literature related to ICT applications, as well as a survey of global design solutions concerning the introduction of ICT components into public spaces. Moreover, the study was based on the results of previous research by the same authors on behaviour and social expectations of ICT users in relation to leisure spaces. The research results let us frame design guidelines and principles for development of outdoor hotspots. The developed guidelines apply both to technological and spatial solutions, including the following aspects: the location of hot spots, rules of design of urban furniture, vegetation, pavements and architectural details.
ISBN: 9789897570551
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