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Title: Literature
Authors: Friggieri, Oliver
Keywords: Maltese literature -- History
Malta -- History
Vassalli, Mikiel Anton, 1764-1829
Caxaro, Pietru, c.1400-1485. Cantilena
Maltese poetry -- History
Novelists, Maltese
Poets, Maltese
Authors, Maltese
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Malta. Ministry for Youth and the Arts
Citation: Friggieri, O. (1994). Literature. In H. Frendo, & O. Friggieri (Eds.), Malta: culture and identity (pp. 51-79). Malta: Ministry for Youth and the Arts.
Abstract: A history of Maltese culture may be said to reflect in various ways the history of the whole community. Since, much more than in the case of larger countries, Malta could never do without foreign contacts, necessarily causative of a complex process of influences, adaptations and reactions (and consequently only through a study of a set of assimilations can the scholar arrive at a true definition of a Maltese identity), such a history, be it political, social or cultural, is bound to assume a comparative character. This may be all the more so owing to the fact that what one may euphemistically call foreign contacts were nothing less than foreign occupations. The conditions which characterize and modify the process of, say, a political history of subordination may boil down to be the inalienable causes of analogous conditions in the cultural field.
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