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Title: Fra Salvatore Imbroll and the Order of St John
Authors: Calleja, Catherine Nicole
Keywords: Knights of Malta -- History -- 17th century
Order of St John -- History -- 17th century
Imbroll, Salvatore, 1590-1650
Malta -- History -- Knights of Malta, 1530-1798
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Calleja, C. N. (2019). Fra Salvatore Imbroll and the Order of St John (Bachelor’s dissertation).
Abstract: The aim of this dissertation is to explore the role of Fra Salvatore Imbroll and his contribution within the Order of St John throughout the period of the first half of the 17th century. This dissertation seeks to analyse Fra Salvatore Imbroll from three main perspectives, that as a writer, historian and as a Prior of the Conventual Church of St John. This work explores Imbroll’s work within the Order in various issues and events that characterized the first half of the 17th century, together with how he served as the link of communication between the Papacy, the order, the Inquisition and the Church. The interest in Fra Salvatore Imbroll’s work and life surfaced following a lecture with Professor Victor Mallia- Milanes on Hospitaller Malta during my first year at university. Professor Mallia Milanes briefly mentioned Imbroll as fulfilling the position of a grand prior and historian of the Order of St John and somewhat increased my interest in his work. Following a brief research, I carried out then, I only managed to find rigid information about this individual, thus it triggered a sense of curiosity about his role, his background and why he was not a highly popular pupil amongst various historians. Besides, I always wanted to explore the Order of St John through the work of someone from within the Order. Thus, the idea of analysing Fra Salvatore Imbroll’s work and life within the Order seemed to be the right theme for this work. Fra Salvatore Imbroll came from the Maltese noble family of “Imbroll” possessed a variety of capabilities that helped him acquire a good position within the Order. He was a Maltese native who reached the highest ecclesiastical rank of dignity within the Order of St John. In addition, Imbroll possessed various capabilities that helped him provide the utmost excellent service in various areas such in legal matters. This dissertation analyses how through his legal capabilities, he managed to provide the Order of St John, with potential outcomes. In addition, this dissertation explores Imbroll’s true character mainly through careful analysation of certain documents and events that portray Salvatore Imbroll as being exceptionally prudent and intelligent. This dissertation is divided into four main chapters. The first chapter gives a general overview of the 17th century local and international context and their relationship with both the Maltese islands and the Order of St John, with the introduction of primary sources that will be analysed deeply within the other chapters. The second chapter seeks to analyse who Fra Salvatore Imbroll was, his role as Prior to the Conventual Church of St John and how his capabilities were of great priority for the Order of St John. In addition, this chapter explores Salvatore Imbroll within various political and diplomatic issue that arose throughout his active years within the Order of St John. The third chapter explores Fra Salvatore Imbroll as a historian and writer. This part seeks to analyse Salvatore Imbroll’s unpublished works on the history of the Order together with other literature writings. Lastly the fourth chapter seeks to analyse Fra Salvatore Imbroll’s ‘Processi dei Spogli’ which provides an indebt look into Fra Imbroll’s possessions. This chapter exhibits the presence of material culture which gives an indication of the type of beliefs, culture and possessions that Imbroll possessed throughout his lifetime.
Description: B.A.(HONS)HISTORY
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