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Title: Agritourism in a community-based tourism context : case study : Żejtun
Authors: Farrugia, Daniel
Keywords: Sustainable tourism -- Malta -- Zejtun
Agritourism -- Malta -- Zejtun
Farms -- Recreational use -- Malta -- Zejtun
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Farrugia, D. (2019). Agritourism in a community-based tourism context: case study: Zejtun (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: Agritourism and community-based tourism are still novel concepts in Malta. Tourism in Malta is still largely focused on sun and sea promotion, with certain regions of the island receiving little to no tourism at all. The introduction of sustainable forms of tourism could not only bolster the economy of rural and traditional Maltese village communities, but also help preserve culture. This dissertation analyses the possibility and dynamics of implementing agritourism and community-based tourism in a traditional Maltese village; where an authentic cultural experience is offered for sustainable and controlled tourist consumption; as opposed to mass tourism in coastal regions. The study investigates the possible benefits, effects and implications of adopting these forms of niche tourism. Żejtun was identified as a potential case study – due to its characteristics and little touristic activity. The researcher conducted literary research on the village and gathered the opinions of experts from the fields of agriculture, tourism as well as local stakeholders to determine whether the adoption of agritourism and community-based tourism in Żejtun is feasible, and if so, what are the implications. The study revealed that the community of Żejtun approves of this idea, and the various stakeholders have all been taking measures in respect to the development of tourism within their village. The experts interviewed also seem to agree on the necessary changes that need to be made in order to successfully develop tourism. The study also provides several recommendations based on the knowledge gathered throughout.
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