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Title: Copper filtration in paediatric chest x-ray imaging its impact on image quality and dose area product (DAP)
Authors: Haber, Martina (2012)
Keywords: Copper
Children -- X-Rays
Chest -- Radiography
Imaging systems -- Image quality
Radiation dosimetry
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Haber, M. (2012). Copper filtration in paediatric chest x-ray imaging its impact on image quality and dose area product (DAP) (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: Purpose Currently, it is not common practice for radiographers working in a general hospital in Malta to make use of copper filtration in paediatric imaging. The most common paediatric radiographic examination is that of a chest radiograph and therefore this study investigated the effect of copper filtration in paediatric chest x-rays. Research Aims The main aims of this study were to assess the effect of different thicknesses of copper filtration on both DAP and image quality. Methodology In this experimental and quantitative study, the DAP of a CR and DR system was noted for different thicknesses of copper filtration. This study was carried out on a paediatric chest simulation and using a NORMI-13 test object, to assess image quality. Image quality was then assessed by 6 radiographers as raters. All exposure parameters were kept constant for both systems except for the kVp which was increased by 2 kV with each thickness of copper filtration added. Collimation size, Source-to-Image-Distance (SID) and focal spot size were also kept constant. Results The results obtained showed a significant decrease in DAP from one copper filtration thickness to the other. Overall, non significant degradation in image quality was observed with an increase in copper filtration thickness. Conclusions Based on the researcher's findings, one could conclude that copper filtration should be applied in paediatric chest x-rays. Nonetheless, further studies on a broader scale should be carried out to strengthen this study's findings.
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