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Title: Making disabled people’s voices vulnerable
Authors: Maric, Liliana
Keywords: Inclusive education -- Malta
People with disabilities -- Education
People with disabilities -- Education (Higher)
Continuing education -- Malta
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Malta. Junior College
Citation: Maric, L. (2020). Making disabled people’s voices vulnerable. Symposia Melitensia, 16, 213-226.
Abstract: This paper attempts to utilise creative writing to contribute to discourse in the fields of critical disability studies and inclusive education. Twelve semi-structured interviews were carried out with young disabled adults with different physical and/ or sensorial disabilities who followed or were following courses at further and higher education levels. Research findings that show day-to-day experiences that disabled persons live are presented in short poems to reveal their presumed struggles. The evidence espoused that inclusive education is a process and a way of living. Support from parents, peers, administrators and lecturers are key to individual and community building. Self-help strategies are crucial in developing agency which, with a washback effect would transform society into a more democratic one. However, disabled persons need to be given the opportunity by eradicating the deficit mentality in society towards disability and disabled persons. The discussion unveils how society makes the voices of disabled persons disempowered and vulnerable. It is suggested that in Malta, wider opportunities for disabled persons to pursue their education at further and higher education levels and to enter the employment sector are needed to promulgate inclusive communities. Entities need to emulate a positive and proactive attitude towards social inclusion and cohesion. The contribution of this paper is to create awareness about the dire need for social praxis in fostering emancipation and social justice from a rights-based standpoint in favour of disabled people.
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SymMel, 2019, Volume 16
SymMel, 2020, Volume 16

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