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Title: Effects of exposure to petroleum hydrocarbons on the gill functions and ciliary activities of a marine bivalve
Authors: Axiak, Victor
George, J.J.
Keywords: Fishes -- Effect of water pollution on
Marine animals -- Effect of water pollution on
Marine pollution -- Physiological effect
Issue Date: 1987
Citation: Marine biology. 1987, Vol. 94
Abstract: The effects of long-term exposure to low levels of water accommodated fractions of Kuwait Crude oil, or to short-term exposure to chemically dispersed oil, on the gill performance of the clam Venus verrucosa were investigated. Reduced pumping activities of the lateral cilia as well as interference with the normal beating activities of the eulaterofrontal cirri led to reduced clearance rates and retention efficiencies of food particles less than 6 um in diameter. On the other hand, frontal ciliary activities were significantly accelerated, while any retained oil droplets were conducted to the mouth region as food particles. The activities of terminal and sensory cilia were also enhanced and mucus production increased. The significance of these responses to the clam's energy budget is discussed.
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