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Title: An exploration of innovation strategies used by SME’s in Malta and their impact on organizational performance
Authors: Grech, David
Keywords: Small business -- Malta
Creative ability in business -- Malta
Small business -- Management
Strategic planning -- Malta
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Grech, D. (2019). An exploration of innovation strategies used by SME’s in Malta and their impact on organizational performance (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: Malta has a hyper competitive small island economy. 99% of operating firms, driving 98% of the economy are small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s). Innovation is crucial to ensure their competitiveness and viability. This study explores the types of innovation strategies which are implemented by Maltese SME’s and how these fulfil their economic goals. An integrated review is undertaken of existing literature on business innovation by Porter (1985), de Bono (1995) and Kim and Mauborgne (2005), to inform a mixed methods research approach into competitive and sur/petitive or blue ocean innovation strategies. The research questions address how Maltese SME’s innovate and whether and how this innovation impacts their organisational performance. A quantitative survey approach using correlation and regression analysis firstly measures size, features and associations of Malta’s innovation dynamic. Subsequently, this data informs a qualitative assessment of purposively selected exemplary cases of corporate innovation using semi structured interviews. The quantitative analysis indicated that sur/petitive and competitive innovation behaviours are significantly associated in real life business practice and both significantly and positively impact performance. This was corroborated by the qualitative results indicating that SME managers practice a hybrid of both innovation typologies. It is hoped that this study will engender researcher interest to further probe sector-specific innovation in the future.
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