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Title: Midwives' knowledge on skills to prevent perineal trauma.
Authors: Attard, Charlene
Keywords: Obstetrics
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Attard, C. (2010). Midwives' knowledge on skills to prevent perineal trauma (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: Obstetric Perineal trauma is a cause of significant morbidity that can have a dramatic effect on the mother's new life and on her journey into adaptation to parenthood. Midwives' are the leading professionals of normal vaginal delivery and therefore are responsible in making childbirth a positive experience. The purpose of this study was to identity the midwives' views on the prevention of perineal trauma and to explore the midwives' perception about skills to prevent perineal trauma. To realise this goal the researcher followed a qualitative study. Data was collected using semi-structured, individual interviews which were taped and transcribed verbatim. The sample included ten midwives who were practising at the delivery suite and were recruited by convenience sampling. Data analysis was conducted through the use of thematic networks. Results showed that respondents were aware that they have an important role in the prevention of perineal trauma because it may negatively affect the mother's new life style and furthermore the new family. The midwives interviewed identified varies techniques that may help in the prevention of perineal trauma. The participants of the study also believed that this subject should receive more attention in the midwifery course and ongoing midwifery education programs. A limitation of this study was that it was a small scale qualitative study, and the sample was not representative of the midwifery population. Therefore the results cannot be generalised. Recommendations include a repeating of the study on a larger scale to make it generalisable which can be applied to prevent perineal trauma amongst midwifery students and midwives.
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