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Title: The role of planning in implementing sustainable development in a higher education context
Authors: Leal Filho, Walter
Skanavis, Constantina
Kounani, Aristea
Londero Brandli, Luciana
Shiel, Chris
Paço, Arminda do
Pace, Paul J.
Mifsud, Mark C.
Beynaghi, Ali
Price, Elizabeth
Lange Salvia, Amanda
Will, Markus
Shula, Kalterina
Keywords: Sustainable development
Environmental education
Strategic planning
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.
Citation: Leal Filho, W., Skanavis, C., Kounani, A., Brandli, L. L., Shiel, C., do Paço, A., ... & Salvia, A. L. (2019). The role of planning in implementing sustainable development in a higher education context. Journal of Cleaner Production, 235, 678-687.
Abstract: The implementation of sustainable development in higher education is an important goal, and one which requires much planning. The many recurring problems and barriers that hinder the attainment of sustainable development objectives at universities are either directly or indirectly related to deficiencies in planning which pose a significant barrier to the implementation of sustainable development. There is therefore a perceived need to foster a better understanding of how planning may help higher education institutions to become more successful in implementing sustainable development. Based on this need, this paper describes the role of planning as a tool for improved knowledge and sound decision-making towards a better understanding of sustainability in a science and technology context, and the motivation towards transformation. In particular, it reports on a survey in the context of which some of the major obstacles for planning and implementing sustainable development at universities are outlined. The study identified the fact that many universities are yet to have fully developed plans to take into account matters related to sustainable development, and describes some the elements which could be considered in attempts to give a greater emphasis to sustainability to planning in a higher education context.
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