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Title: Climate change scepticism at universities : a global study
Authors: Leal Filho, Walter
Mifsud, Mark C.
Molthan-Hill, Petra
Nagy, Gustavo J.
Veiga Ávila, Lucas
Lange Salvia, Amanda
Keywords: Climatic changes -- Philosophy
Environmental responsibility
Environmental education
Sustainable development
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Leal Filho, W., Mifsud, M., Moltha-Hill, P., Nagy, G. J., Veiga Ávila, L., & Lange Salvia, A. (2019). Climate change scepticism at universities : a global study. Sustainability, 11, 2981.
Abstract: Scepticism about climate change is still a popular trend, despite the existence of scientific evidence that this phenomenon is taking place, and that it is influencing the lives of millions of people around the world. The aim of this paper is to assess the extent to which existing scepticism at the university level is found. The methodology consists of a survey undertaken on a sample of universities around the world, in the context of which attitudes and perceptions about climate change are identified. A total of 237 questionnaires were received from 51 countries around the world. The analysis consists basically of descriptive statistics and an investigation regarding trends on scepticism and the geographical location of the universities. The study concludes by outlining some of the presently seen scepticisms and suggests some ways to address them via curricular innovation and initiatives engaging students
ISSN: 20711050
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