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Title: Young influences
Authors: Mifsud, Mark C.
Keywords: Environmentalism -- Malta
Environmental protection -- Malta
Youth -- Malta
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES)
Citation: Mifsud, M. C. (2011). Young influences. Environmental SCIENTIST, 20(2), 19-22.
Abstract: The major environmental issues in Malta are related to its small size and high population density, which is augmented by an influx of visitors each year. Not much is known about the environmental knowledge of young people in the Maltese islands, or of the main actors that are responsible for the acquisition and development of environmental knowledge amongst young Maltese. Research was undertaken during 2007 and 2008 to address this gap, comprising a class administered questionnaire survey completed by 447 students in the post secondary age range. Stratified sampling was used within the studied colleges and schools to ensure that youth studying languages, sciences, business, and humanities were represented according to the actual percentages at the school level.
ISSN: 09668411
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