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Title: Perceptions of Gozitan people about Marine Protected Areas - a quantitative study
Authors: Mifsud, Mark C.
Sultana, Silvana
Keywords: Marine parks and reserves -- Malta -- Gozo
Environmental education -- Malta -- Gozo
Ecosystem services -- Malta -- Gozo
Sustainable development -- Malta -- Gozo
Public opinion -- Malta -- Gozo
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Paper Publications
Citation: Mifsud, M. C. (2018). Perceptions of Gozitan people about Marine Protected Areas - a quantitative study. International Journal of Recent Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, 5(4), 1-10.
Abstract: Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) serve to protect marine and coastal ecosystems and processes. An effective management plan is crucial for these objectives to be reached and various principles and methods are necessary including education, outreach and awareness building. Due to the limited scope of research on MPAs in Gozo, this study was constructed in order to shed light on the knowledge and values Gozitan people have on MPAs and how education can enact change that leads towards increased social responsibility. Two Gozitan areas with a MPA in their locality (Xagħra and San Lawrenz) and a locality without a MPA (Victoria) were identified as being ideal for this study. A mixed method approach was adopted for this study and entailed the collection of data from qualitative and quantitative aspects. This paper will focus on the quantitative part of the research that consisted of extended questionnaires distributed in the three localities. The analysis of the quantitative data was carried out through SPSS and included descriptive analysis for each question followed by inferential statistics. The study shows that there is lack of knowledge with regards to MPAs and that the value associated with them is mainly ecological. Moreover, results show that there is a general demand for more education and awareness on MPAs. In response to these findings, a model is presented that visually illustrates the links discovered through this research. A number of possible activities involving different stakeholders who could contribute towards incorporating ESD principles in marine education and in fostering social responsibility are presented through a list of recommendations.
ISSN: 23497831
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