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Title: Initial issue of the Mediterranean Human Rights Review [editorial]
Authors: Aquilina, Kevin
Keywords: Editorials
Human rights -- Malta -- Periodicals
Human rights advocacy -- Malta
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: University of Malta. Human Rights Platform
Citation: Aquilina, K. (2019). Initial issue of the Mediterranean Human Rights Review. Mediterranean Human Rights Review, 1, 1.
Abstract: The Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta has been publishing its own journal since 1996. It was in 2014 that we issued the last edition of the Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights. David E. Zammit, Head of Department of Civil Law, had served as its general editor throughout the period 1996 to 2014. This latter journal was published in print format. Now that we have discontinued its publication, the Faculty Board of Laws has decided to revamp its Faculty journal and publish instead a Mediterranean Human Rights Review. We still thought that the focus of the Faculty’s journal should continue to remain Human Rights in the Mediterranean, though we are still receptive to contributions on human rights from other regions of the world as we aim to place human rights within a wider comparative context. With an open access electronic journal it is hoped to avoid the pitfalls of the previous journal – lack of visibility by the international community and a lack of foreign contributions. Naturally an online journal contributes to cutting down on costs and making the Review readily available for inspection and downloading by the whole international academic community with a keen interest in the evolution of human rights law in the Mediterranean region. [excerpt from the Editorial]
Appears in Collections:Mediterranean Human Rights Review, vol. 1, 2019
Mediterranean Human Rights Review, vol. 1, 2019
Mediterranean Human Rights Review, vol. 1, 2019
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