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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Sabbara - il-pjanta ta’ l-aloe : f’rabta mal-ħwat f’tal-Gruwa u fi Mġarr ix-XiniAzzopardi, Consiglia
1995L-ixpakkapjetraLanfranco, Guido
2011Xi ħxejjex salvaġġ imsemmijin għall-MadonnaLanfranco, Guido
2011Stefano Zerafa 'botanist' 1791-1871Camilleri, Brian
1985Our indigenous tree (6) : il-Ballut : the Holm OakBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1985Our indigenous tree (5) : l-Gharghar : the Sandarac Gum Tree : a tree on the verge of extinctionBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1985Our indigenous tree (4) : the White Willow - "Iz-Zafzara l-Kbira" : next on the list to become extinct?Baldacchino, Alfred E.
1985Our indigenous tree (3) : the White Poplar : Malta’s relic from the distant pastBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1984Our indigenous tree (2) : the Carob Tree : a valuable but neglected treeBaldacchino, Alfred E.
1984Our indigenous tree (1) : a tree that can make Malta green - "iz-Znuber"Baldacchino, Alfred E.
1983Wild flowers of the Maltese Islands... "Narcis" and "Halib it-Tajr"Baldacchino, Alfred E.
2015Maltese mushroom (Cynomorium coccineum L.) as source of oil with potential anticancer activityRosa, Antonella; Nieddu, Mariella; Piras, Alessandra; Atzeri, Angela; Putzu, Danilo; Rescigno, Antonio
2014The surrounding habitat of marine algae in MaltaRefalo, Maria (2012)
1990Mard u parassiti tad-dieljaMalta. Department of Agriculture and Fisheries; Vella, Antoine
2006-01-25Wanted dead or alive : high diversity of macroinvertebrates associated with living and ’dead’ Posidonia oceanica matteBorg, Joseph A.; Rowden, Ashley A.; Schembri, Patrick J.; Jones, Malcolm Brandon; Attrill, Martin James
c.1911Di alcune piante indigene scomparse o non ritrovate più a MaltaCaruana Gatto, Alfredo
1994-12L-imsagar naturali tal-gzejjer MaltinGrech, Charles F.
1994-12Il-balluta : sigret il-masgar MaltiGrech, Charles F.
1981-02Suggestions on the conservation of the unique flora associated with the Gozo CitadelSociety for the study and conservation of nature; The Natural History Society of Malta; Lanfranco, Edwin
1995Is-sigar u l-ismijiet tat-toroq f'San GwannGrech, Charles F.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29