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Title: Culture change needed
Authors: Azzopardi, Rose Marie
Keywords: Labor market -- Malta
Equal pay for equal work -- Malta
Pay equity -- Malta
Wages -- Women -- Malta
Discrimination in employment -- Malta
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Azzopardi, R.M. (2018). Culture change needed. The EU Mutual Learning Programme in Gender Equality: Instruments to foster long-term paternal involvement in family work, Germany. 1-7
Abstract: Malta remains a traditional country in several aspects and avant-garde in others. It is especially traditional in terms of family responsibilities and gender equality. Compared to EU28, Malta has the third lowest number of working women (58%), because women’s first role is the family. The older the woman, the less likely she is to work. In fact, Malta ranks first in terms of the employment gender gap in the higher age groups (25-55 and 55-64) with gaps of 25% and 38% respectively. Over the past years more women have entered the labour market, yet the employment gender gap at 26% (2016 data) remains the widest in the EU. In the lower age group (15-24) there are more women working and some sharing of responsibilities may be happening in the home environment, nonetheless the biggest burden of family responsibilities is assumed by women. This is evident because Eurostat data shows that women are more likely to be employed on a part-time basis, not be self-employed, be on reduced hours, have fixed term contracts, be taking care of children, the elderly or disabled relatives or do other unpaid care work, do more housework and opt for parental leave. In fact, if one looks at the full-time equivalent employment rate, the employment gender gap increases to 31%, and ranks Malta in the first place when compared to the other 27 EU Member States.
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