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Title: A comparative study of electoral systems
Authors: Dingli, Adrian
Keywords: Constitutional law -- Malta
Voting -- Malta
Elections -- Malta
Issue Date: 1988
Citation: Dingli, A. (1988). A comparative study of electoral systems (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: It might be appropriate to commence this thesis by noting that there are many who instinctively feel ill at ease whenever the electoral system is brought up as a topic of conversation. The reason for this, believe, lies in the aura of technical complexity which imbues the subject matter under discussion and which leads many to mistakenly conclude that it is a topic which is best left to a small; restrict ed circle of erudite experts (normally understood by such people to be composed of mathematicians and other persons with a scientific background as well as politicians). Yet, this conclusion is patently untrue for there can be no possible reason why the technicalities of this subject should not be capable of being reduced to a language which almost everyone may under stand. Still others mistakenly assume that the choice of electoral system can only be of any relevance in necessarily political elections such as general or local elections. Nothing could be further from the truth for the adoption of an accurate and effective system is desirable for all types of elections, irrespective of whether they be general/local elections or workplace elections, university Faculty Board elections, school council elections, internal elections of a committee within an association or society by its members (or the election of its officials by its committee) or whatever. It is all to common to take many of these elections for granted and to forget that elections are rather common place events in our lives.
Description: LL.D.
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