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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The impact of the adoption of IFRS 16 on accounting conservatism in airlines : the case of Royal Airlines of JordanMohammad Khersiat, Ola
2020An econometric study of the impact of monetary policy on foreign direct investment in Iraq for the period (2004-2017)Haseeb Hasan, Sabah; Dhiaa AbdulKareem, Anwaar; Ritha Daghr, Assma Abdul
2020Measuring cost by using throughput accounting to rationalize administrative decisionsHasan Mijbil, Sabah; Mohammad Hamzah, Ahmed; Majeed Allawi, Khudair
2020Effect of transformational leadership and breakthrough leadership on organizational performance through the variable of employee satisfaction : a case studyTriraharjo, Joko; Aima, Havidz; Sutawijaya, Achmad; Badawy Saluy, Ahmad
2020Human resource management for increasing employees’ satisfaction and enhancing competitive strengthsSumarsid; Wardhani, Tri Erie; Aripin
2020How brand equity changes service marketing : the case of Indonesian service industryWidjaja, Bernard T.
2020Financial inclusion and performance to mediate the effect of banking and tax regulation on the success of small and medium enterprises in IndonesiaRiwayati, H. E.; Salim, U.; Maskie, G.; Indrawati, N. K.
2020Direct and mediated associations among audit quality, earnings quality, and share price : the case of JordanAbu Afifa, Malik; Alsufy, Fares; Abdallah, Ahmad
2020Activity-based costing as a basis for transfer prices and target settingLueg, Rainer
2020How artificial intelligence changes the future of accounting industryJamal Mohammad, Suleiman; Khamees Hamad, Amneh; Borgi, Hela; Anh Thu, Phung; Safdar Sial, Muhammad; Abdallah Alhadidi, Ali
2020The influence of encounter service quality on patient satisfaction : an empirical study in Chinese public hospitalsWenxin, W.; Bentum-Micah, G.; Zhiqiang, M.; Bing, L.; Asabea Addo, A.; Boadi, B. E.; Atuahene, A. S.; Bondzie-Micah, V.
2020Developing good governance through strengthening literacy skills from schools to organizational management : the case of IndonesiaLabolo, Muhadam; Sudarmono; Mayor, David
2020Lean six sigma in Jordanian organizationsMohummed Alomari, Khalid; Moh'd Mansour, Ahmad; Ali Almohtaseb, Ahmad; Salah, Ali A.; Ismail Alshaketheep, Khaled; Abdullah abu Jray, Ahmad
2020The hedonic pricing model applied to the housing marketThi Nguyen, My-Linh
2020The relationship between expenditure on defence and economic growth in SpainGomez-Trueba, Paula; Arahuetes, Alfredo; García Domonte, Aurora; Curto, Tomás
2020The belt and road initiative as a new China’s foreign economic policy towards the ASEAN countriesVasilyevich Chernyaev, Maxim; Aleksandrovna Egorycheva, Elena; Vadimovna Korenevskaya, Anna; Vasil'evna Sharkova, Antonina
2020Models of change in organizations : the case of XYZ constructionRexhepi Mahmutaj, Lura; Koka Grubi, Arta
2020Entrepreneurial passion and self-efficacy as factors explaining innovative behavior : a mediation modelNoreña-Chavez, Diego; Guevara, Rubén
2020Leadership management and youth competencies in the administration of public policy in IndonesiaLionardo, Andries; Nasirin, Chairun
2020Issuance of municipal bonds through capital markets as financial revenue for regional developmentTumanggor, M. S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46