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Title: Pacific women in climate change negotiations
Authors: Carter, George
Howard, Elise
Keywords: Gender identity -- Islands of the Pacific
Environmental protection -- Decision making
Environmental policy -- International cooperation
Climatic changes -- Political aspects -- Islands of the Pacific
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Malta. Islands and Small States Institute
Citation: Carter, G., & Howard, E. (2020). Pacific women in climate change negotiations. Small States & Territories, 3(2), 303-318.
Abstract: The contribution of Pacific women to climate negotiations is underacknowledged. Women may have limited roles as heads of delegations or the face of climate negotiations, yet behind the scenes they often play proactive leadership roles either as technical negotiators or coalition coordinators. Using a global talanoa methodology, the article traces the role of Pacific women in climate negotiations, with a focus on the Paris Climate Conference 2015. It finds that women take on leadership roles that have the potential to disrupt stereotypical gendered divisions of expertise. It also highlights how further in-depth research is required to ascertain whether the leadership space created by climate change negotiations can transform gender relations writ large. These counter narratives contribute to feminist research by highlighting that Pacific women are not passive victims of climate change.
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